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If you know or suspect that you have water damage, there are several things that we will help you with:

-What caused the water damage?

-Has the cause of the water damage been repaired?

-Is there still ‘standing water’ in your property?

-How large of an area is affected?

-For how long has the damage been present?

-What materials are affected?

-Are there potential safety hazards due to the water damage?

-How will you prevent the damage from getting worse?

-If the water damage is excessive and looks to be a costly repair, you may consider calling your insurance company to help cover the impending costs.

Any property that has suffered water damage should perform actions that will prevent the damages from getting any worse. Those actions are called “Water Mitigation,” also known as a “Dry Out.”  The Dry Out process will include water removal, implementation of specialized drying equipment, as well as the removal and clean-up of non-salvageable materials such as baseboards and drywall.  A Dry Out is essential to preventing further damage, the prevention of mold growth and it’s also recommended by the insurance company if you’ve filed a claim.

If you have suffered water damage, it’s essential to mitigate your damages by performing Water Mitigation, aka a Dry Out! Shamrock Restoration provides 24/7 Water Mitigation services, and our initial visit to your property is FREE OF CHARGE!  CALL US TO NAVIGATE THE PROCESS!