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Bathroom leaks are the worst, but Shamrock Restoration can help.  Repairs in a bathroom can range from super cheap to very expensive.   If you have any of these things happen in your bathroom, you could be experiencing mold growth.

-toilet bowl overflow

-toilet drain clog

-shower head dripping

-shower faucet leaking

-shower drain back up

-shower pan leak

-tub faucet dripping


-tub drain clog

-sink faucet leaking

-sink drain clog

-loose p-trap

-rusted valves

– stuck shut off valves

If any of these things have happened in your bathroom, you could have hidden mold damage.  Shamrock Restoration is your best choice for Mold Remediation, and our initial visit to your property is COMPLIMENTARY!  CALL US TO NAVIGATE THE PROCESS!