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Bathroom leaks are the worst, but Shamrock Restoration can help.  Repairs in a bathroom can range from super cheap to very expensive.

These are all the things that could possibly spring a leak in your bathroom:

-toilet bowl overflow

-toilet drain clog

-shower head dripping

-shower faucet leaking

-shower drain back up

-shower pan leak

-tub faucet dripping

-tub drain clog

-sink faucet leaking

-sink drain clog

-loose p-trap

-rusted valves

– stuck shut off valves

If any of these things have leaked, Shamrock Restoration is your best choice for WATER Mitigation, aka a Dry Out!  Shamrock Restoration provides 24/7 Water Mitigation services, and our initial visit to your property is COMPLIMENTARY!  CALL US TO NAVIGATE THE PROCESS!