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A fire is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a home or business. In some cases, the property is a total loss, and the owner of the property is left with nothing. However, for those lucky individuals that have something to salvage, the rebuilding process must begin once the fire trucks leave. Fire damage restoration is not be a do-it-yourself project. When you have fire damage to you property, you need the expertise of a licensed company that can ensure your property is restored safely.

As experts in fire damage restoration, we know that just because the flames are out your property may not be safe from additional damages, and we strive to minimize the risk of this happening. When you hire Shamrock Restoration, we will move quickly on your project to ensure that the ash and smoke do not cause additional damage to your home or business. We have the tools and expertise to prevent lingering odors, discoloration, etching, and extensive corrosion that can be caused by smoke damage.

Shamrock Restoration is always there when you need us. We have staff members standing by 24/7, so you are never alone after a fire. Our team is compassionate, professional, and has the right tools for the job. If you have experienced a commercial or residential fire anywhere, remember the importance of acting fast. Talk to us right away about your fire damage restoration needs, and allow us to help you.